Company History

The origins

In the early sixties Italo Ferretti leaves his native Silvi, in Abruzzo, to move to Milan, where he works in a pharmaceutical company first and then in the transport company of his uncle. The mandatory military service brings him back in Silvi Marina a few years later. He became a sales manager for Lebole in Abruzzo, Molise and Marche and immediately realized the huge demand for ties in the textile market and local manufacturing industry that was rather lacking in this area. He started to buy their own ties in Como, that he would resell to its delivery organization in Italy. It was an instant success, so much that he decided to start his first business by creating a small workshop in his hometown, where the company is still located.
After the first successes in fashion and luxury he began to deeply study the product and to take part in professional modeling courses. Thanks to the skills he acquired and to his great creativity, Italo Ferretti started a successful business in the field of fashion and luxury. His first exclusive collection dates back to 1977. Italo Ferretti, thanks to his genius, created a line of ties inspired by the famous Star Wars movies, immediately achieving great success. In that period, the ultimate tie was made in Milan. His challenge was to launch a product entirely designed and manufactured in his native city. To this day, Italo Ferretti’s ties are made in Silvi Marina.


Italo Ferretti with his son Carlo Ferretti.

International Success

Success came thanks to his desire to take his product international. The starting point was Canada, where he immediately achieved great success. This soon became his most important market. From there an easy expansion in the U.S. began. The American market still remains the one where its brand is among the most reknowned. His desire to innovate the product, led him to study new methods of creation and production, which guarantees the highest quality to customers. Today Italo Ferretti can boast 8 patents that make our product unique, with a standard of quality among the highest in the world. Each tie that Italo Ferretti creates is a unique piece, starting from the study of the model, the refining of the silk, the creation of the decorations and the numbering of each piece. “But what is luxury in fashion? It is the ability to merge the ideas and experiences in touch with the most important retailers and customers in the world, who are, in my opinion, the real stars of the textile market. This allowed our brand to create an exclusive, unique and highly refined product”. These are the words of Italo Ferretti, which clearly summarize his brand’s essence. The customer can claim a luxury item, which we presume to define unique, both for production and service applications.




The finest and high performance fabrics forged by skilled hands, strong and gentle as the people of Abruzzo, become masterpieces of timeless style. Join our Made in Silvi creations.


The beating heart of our production, the dominant feature of our history. Ferretti ties are conceived as real pieces of art, starting from a sketch drawn by hand in hundreds of colors combinations. Our fabrics have the perfection that only hand printing can give. The dyed yarns are twisted by special tambours, that can protect and enhance the best silks, perfect combination of softness and strength. Silk, plissé, patchwork fabrics, woven texture and more are the raw material from which we use to create with love and dedication our masterpieces of timeless style.


Bow ties, cummerbunds, pocket squares in different designs and color combinations. Scarves wrapped with the most refined cashmere and silk foulards. As in the best tradition of Made in Italy, quality, attention to details and craftsmanship can create real masterpieces of timeless style.


Italo Ferretti boasts eight international patents, which make each product unique and exclusive with quality standards that are among the highest in the world.

The Balanced Tie - Patent N° 00065

The reinforcement applied to the tail, made of the same fabric of the tie, the three additional sewings and the double flaps make the tail much more heavy and solid. Thanks to this particular patent, ties are much more balanced and stable.

The Stitching Around The Collar

Thanks to the invention of the sewing crease, Italo Ferretti was able to solve the problem of ”overlapping” of the fabric of the tie that is usually created at the collar. Thanks to this particular process, the fabric remains perfectly neat and smooth under the collar and also the knot’s capacity is favored.

The Tie Holder - Patent N° 0233119

All the ties created by Italo Ferretti are further enhanced by a special tie holder called “navetta”, a simple and ingenious accessory that helps keep the tie in its proper position. An effective and smart alternative to the tie clip.