Welcome to our Custom Luxury Tie Shop


What exactly is a custom luxury tie? Well, it’s simple. It’s exactly made for you and your needs. When you have a fine suit tailored it is tailored to fit you. Correct build on the shoulders, i.e., square, sloping or anything in between. Correct sleeve length. Correct fit around your mid-section. Soft shoulder or a more robust shoulder. We could go on and on. Whether it be a Hickey Freeman, Brioni or a custom Oxxford Suit. Then when you go to pick out the most important part of the wardrobe you have two choices at most for tie length.

You can select a regular length tie at 57” inches or a Big and Tall tie at 63” inches. Big and Tall customers have fought this problem for years. Custom Ties offers you the chance to not only tell us how long you want your tie to be, but also offers you the opportunity to select from our 800+ fabrics. You select the fabric, you tell us what length tie you need and your ties will be hand sewn in Italy by the finest maker of ties on the face of the earth.

For many years Brioni had their neckwear made by Italo Ferretti in Italy. Italo Ferretti ties are made one at a time by hand. Each tie becomes a beautiful work of art made to your specifications. There is a very good chance that you will never see another tie like the one you order from our speciality line of neckwear. Tired of ties that are too short? Your frustration ends here.